Double drink holding Cup: A cup divided in two openings to hold two different drinks at once in one cup. I was Searching for things like this invention and the closest I got was something that has two half cups that come together from here. Our invention would be different because ours has a half circle lid that covers one side of the cup. every other page I was looking at had something somewhat alike, but wasn't what we were thinking of. This website, we found a sippy cup that is divided in two and has a lid with an opening for a straw. Our invention is different from this because of our lid and our cup would not be for babies. This site makes cup dividers to do what we want to do but isn't sold with a cup.

phone charging pen:
I came up with this idea when I was watching shark tank on my T.V and there was a backpack that had a place to plug in your phone and I was thinking I would like that but it was 600 dollars and I knew that I could not afford that backpack so I thought and a pen idea came to my mind. This pen will have a USB port at the top and to plug your phone into and it would have a storage chip to download things to so your phone is not full. The closest thing that I could find was a pen that came apart at this website and it has a fixed plug and so you have to have the phone to plug it into. Another one that I found was . I also found this pen it is a whole lot more like my idea but it dose not have the memory chip and I found it at Finally I found a pen with a cord that you had to plug into your computer so it did not have I’s own battery I found this at .

My idea, is a screen that is made up of multiple lcd panels, which means that the viewing angle is simply amazing no matter where you are. This is 100% original, with some companies making similar products but nothing nearly as good. cNet suggests that multiple companies like Apple, Samsung, and LG have created multiple screens that are round edged and provide decent viewing angles, but none are adjustable like our prototype. Ours adjusts multiple sections which are brilliantly combined to move sleekly. Now, cNet isn’t the only one that has hinted this, and below are more websites which prove the originality and creativity of our product.,d.dmo.,d.dmo