Lazy people stick
The lazy people pole is like a selfie stick that has different knobs and can do things for you. Like turning of the lights, opening a door and since the pole can extend you can do it all from the comfort of one place!
Three sites are;

We found people on sticks for amazon and lakeshore. For aliex express we found walking sticks.

Walkers That Has A Lunch Tray

The walker that has a lunch tray, is a walker that has a lunch tray on it for food and a Chair attached to it that can be folded up.

Three sites are:

On all three websites we found walkers that has a food tray on top of the walker. This is nothing like our idea. Our idea has more special feature like a cup holder and a napkin basket.

HDPE Lunchbo

The HDPE lunchbox is a lunchbox made of plastic that is used for milk jugs so this lunchbox is eco friendly and easy to clean.

Three websites are:

On the websites we found lunchboxes that are made out of plastic or ice packs that is made out of HDPE.