Due: 1/28/16

If you have completed at least 20 books at this point in the school year, you will simply fill in the page on your R&E template listing the 20+ books. That's it!

If you have completed LESS THAN 20 books thus far, you will fill in the page on your R&E template AND complete the following:

*Write a one- to two-paragraph response answering the following questions:
  • What has held you back from reading 20 books? What challenges have you encountered along this journey?
  • How does your progress this year compare to last year? Are you reading more or less? Why might this be?
  • Are you still hoping to hit 40 books by June, or are you focusing on a different number of books as your new goal?
  • What is your plan moving forward? What will you do to reach your 40 Book Challenge goal by June?
  • What other thoughts/questions/concerns/comments do you have about 40 Book Challenge?