BCS Bees Website

Mission Statement

3rd and 4th Grade Presentations

Research Teams

Bee Disease & Pests- Jack N., George, Charlie I., Bennett, Sadie, Maggie L. & Reese
Types of Honey- Jake, Jon Harris, Oliver, Zainab, Grace & Skylar
Pollination & Gardens- Elise, Lauren, Izzy, John A. & Jack Mack
Bee sight & dances- Ellie, Magnolia, Sophie, Tyler, Jack A. & Ethan
Beekeeping- Brady, Charlie E., Stefan, Ihsaan, Ruby & Ume
Life in a Colony- Jack Mo., Adam, Daniel, Maggie B., Alexis & Delana
Importance in an Ecosystem- Jack H., Anderson, Nick, Rami & Gray
Parts of a Bee- Jimmy, Nadim, Max, Eloise, & Allie
Types of Bees- Eleanor, Julia, Jonathan & Brandon
Bees & Human Health- Davis, Anthony, Erik & Mayer

Action Teams

Digital Media 1 - Charlie I. Jimmy, Anthony, Ellie
(information for press and social media, monitor BCSBees email account, Photo documentation)
Digital Media 2 - Anderson, Eloise, Sadie, Jon Harris, Stefan
(PSAs, PowerPoint for use in presentations)
Garden - Max, Jake, Allie , John Ab.
Education 1 - Nadim, Ethan
(posters, Field Trips, Speakers)
Education 2 - Daniel, Jonathan, Jack Ad., Julia & Reese
(brochures, Contact places to present, Competitions, White House)
Bee Created Products - Jack N., Brady, Magnolia, Lauren, Brandon, Alexis
(products made with honey or beeswax)
Bee Related Products - Elise, Grace, Maggie, Skylar, Zainab
(products such as jewelry and cards)
Website - George, Jack H., Rami, Davis, Charlie E.
Beekeeping - Mayer, Ihsaan, Bennett, Jack Mc.
Games - Tyler, Jack Mo., Adam, Oliver, Ume, Izzie
(digital games and board games)
Cooking - Gray, Sophie, Erik, Ruby, Nick, Eleanor
(create a Recipe Book)
Documentary - (starting 2nd/3rd quarter - will pull students from other groups)

Temporary Jobs (Get them done and on to other projects)

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