Last year we got a couple facts about how bee created substances improve the health of humans.

  • Bee venom, has been used as medicine for a long time. It is being called a "natural Botox" that stimulates the body's production of collagen and elastin to smooth, lift and tighten skin. The venom also contains a substance melittin, which has proven to have anti-inflammatory properties. Bee venom has been used to treat things liek arthritis, tendonitis, and Lyme's disease.
  • It has been proven that honey can boost your immune system and help with sicknesses such as a cold or cough.
  • Propolis which bees collect from certain flowers,has been called "nature's antibiotic" and can rejuvenate th body's immune system and kill off infections.
  • Royal jelly increases the strength of the immune system, improves skin tone, and raises energy levels. It is also has anti-virus and antibacteria qualities.
  • Royal jelly contains traces of vitamin B and studies show it can relieve stress while increasing energy.
  • Honey bee honey has been used internally and topically since WW1 have been treating wounds,Skin disorders,and others
  • Bee pollen contains lots of antioxidants that may have anti-inflammatory effects on the tissues of the lungs, preventing asthma

Here are some links to helpful resources.
**www.Colorado and health**
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CNN kid news 5/1/15 bee products for health (Expired as of 5/4/2015)

This year we want to start the Bees & Human Health page on the website to better spread awareness about ways that bees can improve our health.