Welcome to our 2015-2016 Classroom Jobs1st Semester Job Assignments

V. P. of Operations: (4 students) $10 These students will assist the teacher with daily classroom routines and help to maintain the organizational structure of the class. This will include taking attendance, updating the schedule board each day, and taking great notes in class. They will gather handouts for absent students and welcome them back when they return. They will also be responsible for greeting and assisting classroom guests and substitutes. They will work closely with Mrs. Brown and Ms. Leach.
*These students must be very responsible, have good attendance, and display exemplary behavior.

Editor: (2 students) $15 These students will work together to proof read and revise the news articles created by the journalists. These students will compile these articles in to the final product of our monthly class newspaper to be shared with classmates and parents. They will also be in charge of scheduling the journalists’ assigned articles and due dates in order to ensure that the newspaper is completed on time.
*These students must be responsible, organized, collaborative, and confident with editing and revising.

Journalists: (4 students) $15 These students will work together to write about classroom activities, achievements and events. They will create news articles for our classroom newspaper and submit their pieces to the Editors.
*These students must be punctual, observant, creative, and confident writers.

Wiki Masters: (4 students) $10 These students will work to help design and maintain the classroom Wiki. They will post daily homework assignments, post classroom news, and maintain the photo gallery. They will also serve as the go-to person when classmates have questions about using the Wiki.
*These students must be tech-savvy and have confidence utilizing editing features on the Wiki.

Class Historians: (4 students) $10 These students will work together by capturing unique moments of our classroom activities. Responsibilities will include photography, creating class videos, and designing a classroom scrapbook. The scrapbook will be one of the Blast auction items. Photos taken can be passed on to the Classroom Newspaper Editors and the Wiki Masters for publication.
*These students must be observant, dedicated, creative, and have an interest in photography.

Interior Designers: (4 students) $10 These students will be in charge of designing classroom displays. Responsibilities will include decorating the room for special occasions and activities, decorating thematic bulletin boards that connect with current curriculum, and setting up the room for special events.
*These students must be creative, imaginative, and confident with their artistic abilities.

Financial Officers: (2 students) $15 These students will be overseeing the “bank” accounts for each individual. Mrs. Brown and Ms. Leach will report to these students the amount of money to deposit in to each student’s account on “pay day.” The Classroom Store Managers will report to these students the amount of money spent by each student in the class store each week. The Financial Officers will use Excel spreadsheets to maintain these running balances and print bi-weekly statements for each student.
*These students must be honest, responsible, and have confidence with math skills.
*Background knowledge of Excel spreadsheets is preferable.

Classroom Store Manager: (2 students) $15 These students will be in charge of organizing and tracking the inventory of the class store, and reporting this information to Mrs. Brown and Ms. Leach. They will schedule the store employees for shifts at the store. They will also be responsible for submitting customer purchases to the Financial Officers each week to ensure that the correct amount of money is deducted from each customer’s “bank” account.
*These students must be dependable, organized, and reliable.

Classroom Store Employee: (4 students) $5 These students will organize and “sell” donated classroom supplies necessary to be successful for class. Supplies will include pencils, pens, and erasers. They will also “rent” out classroom textbooks and “sell” food from the snack-box. (Items can only be purchased from the store with “money” earned from performing their job.) Store Employees will keep a running tally of the amount each student spends, and report this data to the Store Manager.
*These students must be responsible, polite, and non-disruptive.

Director of Technology: (4 students) $10 These students will assist with technology as it is used in the classroom. This can include assisting Mrs. Brown and Ms. Leach with the tech equipment at the front of the room (projector, Promethean board, sound system, desktop computer, microphone). This can also include assisting classmates with laptops, desktops, iPads, etc.
*These students should be helpful and have general confidence with most technology items.

Classroom Managers: (4 students) $5 These students will lead and monitor a system of organization for all classroom materials including tissues, tape, staples, coloring utensils, paper, hand sanitizer, and other general classroom supplies. These students will be responsible for ensuring that these items are organized and will re-stock supplies as necessary using items from the classroom stash or the office.
*These students must be dependable, observant, and dedicated.

Media Specialists: (4 students) $10 These students will maintain an organized system for book checkout from our classroom libraries and ensure that books are being returned in good condition. They will also assist Mrs. Truesdell in reminding classmates of overdue books. Media Specialists will also be in charge of keeping the classroom libraries organized, familiarizing themselves with what is available, and making recommendations to classmates as well as recommendations for additions to our collections.
*These students must be organized, polite, and have a deep love of literature and reading.

Director of Cleanliness: (4 students) $5 These students will be the last to leave the room in each class. They will dispose of any trash and pick up any left-behind items on the floor and tables. They will also straighten tables and push in chairs. The Director of Cleanliness will also be in charge of politely delegating the clean-up of any messes made during the class period.
*These students must be observant, hard-working, punctual, and reliable.

Director of Distribution: (4 students) $5 These students will be responsible for passing out papers and/or supplies needed within the lesson as directed by Mrs. Brown or Ms. Leach. They will file extra handouts in the extra copies bins. They will also be responsible for passing back graded papers.
*These students must be well-behaved, discrete, and trustworthy.

Director of Communication: (4 students) $5 These students will be in charge of answering the phone when Mrs. Brown or Ms. Leach are busy conferring with other students. They will run errands as requested by Mrs. Brown or Ms. Leach. These errands will include taking messages to other teachers, “On-the-Move” notices to the office, delivery of items to other classrooms, and occasionally attendance.
*These students must be positive, responsible, and polite.