Sadie, Eloise, Anderson, Jon Harris, Stefan

How will your action team work towards the BCS bees mission statement?Our mission is to make power points, keynotes and prezis to work toward informing people about the shortage of bees everywhere.ACCOMPLISHED!

What would you like to achieve by the end of the first quarter?We would like to make a power point on the bees to make sure everyone knows about the bees and how they can help.ACCOMPLISHED!

What would you like to achieve by the end of the second quarter?We would like before the end of the second quarter to make a power point that we can show the 3/4 graders to show them that even they are not to young to help the bees.ACCOMPLISHED!

What steps will you take to achieve these goals?First, we want to get good information on the bees, next we want to make a well organized power point to show what is happening to the bees, then we want to make a presentation to let everyone know what is currently happening to the bees and the extinction of the bees.ACCOMPLISHED!

What materials/supplies or assistance will you need in order to achieve these goals?We need accounts and access to devicesACCOMPLISHED!
Finally! We've accomplished all of our goals! By the way, did I ever mention, we're kids! We are working on a very important project to save the honey bees. And there's not just 1 group of kids doing this, its 54 kids in a class! How amazing is that? We've been working on trying to save the bees for the past 6 years, and we've raised SO much awareness. We hope to continue every year to save the honeybees.

NEWS UPDATE(10-28-15) Right now we are currently working on our Keynote to present and share with the third and fourth graders at BCS.
(11-6-15) We started to work more towards our goal to making a Keynote on the BCS bees for the fall conferences.
(11-11-15) We are currently wrapping up the Keynote and getting ready for conferences.
(11-13-15) We are STILL working on the last of our presentation for conferences.
(12-2-15) We are working on a PSA to inform people about the bees.
(12- 4-15) We are going to finish the scripts for our PSA. If time allows, we will take a practice shooting.

(1-6-16) We just got back from winter break and we're starting up, right where we left off. We're trying to continue our PSA. We have a visitor coming to speak to our class next Wednesday about her experience with bees.

(1-20-16) We are trying to continue our PSA. We had a bump in the road but we're back on track!

(2-3-16) We are not getting very far with our PSA but we continue to work harder and harder on it and in not much time we hope to be done.

(2-24-16) We are still working on our PSA and we're hoping to get very far today and maybe even finish. The reason why we haven't finished or gotten farther yet is because we haven't had a lot of time to actually work on it, so we're trying very quickly to finish before May 19th, which is when we'll be presenting. Again, we're hoping to continue our video and try to get it finished.
(3-2-16) We are ready to continue and finish our PSA and hoping get done with it today. After that, we want to be able to get an interactive presentation started for when we present.

(3-16-16) Today we exported our PSA and are going to try to post it to the wiki and perhaps YouTube.

(3-23-16) Today we are fixing any parts on our video that we don't like. We are hoping to get it posted on the wiki, and possibly, YouTube.

(4-13-16) Today we finished our video, (look below!) so today we ware starting to make multiple posters to encourage the 3rd through 5th graders to come to our library presentation.

(4-20-16) Today we are making fliers to encourage people to come see the BCS Bees. Since we are FINALLY are down with our PSA, we are ready to move to something else. If you are looking forward to seeing our PSA, it will be down below, please, check it out.

(4-28-16) Today we are working on a 30 second commercial, for the 3rd and 4th graders at our school, because we were so busy with our library presentation, we nearly forgot about them, so we didn't get a chance to present to them, so we ended up making a commercial, so they aren't so bored with our big video. By the way, if you're a 3rd, 4th, or 5th grader, you should come see the BCS Bees at the Birmingham Public Library on May 19th, 2016. We are going to be sharing all about saving the honey bees. It's free!
(5-4-16) Today we are going to continue working on our 30 second commercial. We want to really focus and absorb our time so that it is ready when it is needed.

(5-27-16) Hey, so we're back, and I know, we haven't posted, but it's because we just presented a big presentation at the Baldwin Public Library in Michigan. So we haven't talked for a while, but our new update is all about our last project, making a 30 second commercial to show to the 3rd and 4th graders at our school.
(6-1-16) So, today we were planning to start our commercial, but we just realized that we have to finish the script, before we get anything done.

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