Last Year's Game Group
  1. We will spread awareness about the bees and educate people by inquiring facts into the the games that we will make.
  2. We would like to finish the Bee-Opoly game that the game group left unfinished last year
  3. If we finish bee-opoly we would like to work on digital games, or bee related things in other games
  4. Each of us will work on something different in bee-opoly. when we finish, we will work on other bee related games
  5. A macbook computer, the unfinished game files, cards, pieces, etc.
  6. using games, we will help people with safely living bee-friendly.

Things we will do after Bee-Opoly:
  • Unknown

Ideas for Bee-Opoly:
  • The Bee Related group can help us with the pieces(not started)
  • We are re-doing the board(in progress)
  • Work on the chance cards(in progress)

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