Learn about Hour of Code

Your task over the next few days will be to explore coding challenges at The Code Studio. You will start with Course 2 or Course 3, based on your current ability level & confidence with coding.
*These are can be CHALLENGING courses! If you’re not sure…I would start with course #2 and work your way up. You can move up/down if you realize you’ve picked the wrong CHALLENGE level, but try and stick with one once you’ve “played around” with the two different levels.*
  1. Start with “Stage 1” and work your way through the “puzzles” (that’s what the little numbered circles are called!)
  2. Be sure to listen to the video called “Unplugged Activity” before starting. (put your headphones on!:) There is a Helpful Hint page you will want to look at in order to complete some of the Puzzles after watching an "Unplugged Activity".
  3. Start your “missions” by clicking, IN ORDER, through the different “Stages”

Code Studio

Star Wars: Building a Galaxy with Code
Minecraft with Code
Frozen with Code
Classic Maze
Make a Flappy Game
Infinity Play Lab
Play Lab

Code Combat

Beyond an hour of code
For those of you looking for more of a coding challenge take a look at what is offered here.

Nadim and Charlie