Class Shared Topic: New School Lunch Standards

Second Essay: Choose your own topic

Mrs. Truesdell's Suggested Sources/Articles AND EasyBib Tutorial Videos!
EasyBib Electronic Bibliography and Notebook<-Your sources/notes go here!
Opposing ViewPoints Database - GREAT RESOURCE!
InfoBits Database - GREAT RESOURCE!
Media Center Databases

---Pre-Writing Activities:---
Monday, 1/11/16 - Friday, 1/15/16: Explore student samples and mentor texts to analyze persuasive writing, discover strategies typically used in persuasive writing, and begin to practice through flash-drafting.

---Begin Work on Assigned Topic of New School Lunch Program:---
Wednesday, 1/20/16: Watch ABC News Video and read two articles about this topic, taking notes in our Writer's Notebooks
Thursday, 1/21/16: Transfer our source list and notes into EasyBib
Friday, 1/22/16: Create a strong claim and develop reasons that will reach a wide audience. Use boxes and bullets handout to stay organized.
Monday, 1/25/16: Continue our research using the links above. Add all additional information and notes directly into EasyBib. You must have at least FIVE sources with 1-2+ notes for each source. Later this week, we will begin organizing these
Thursday, 1/28/16: Paraphrasing lesson - how to put evidence from sources into your own words.
Friday, 1/29/16: When is it useful to use a direct quote (word-for-word from the source)?
Tuesday, 2/2/16: Turning your outline into an essay in paragraph form (drafting paragraphs).
Wednesday, 2/3/16: checklist and goals
Thursday, 2/4/16: checklist and goals continued (make revisions based on goals)
Friday, 2/5/16: Counter-argument (including counter-claim, opposing evidence, discrediting the opposing evidence)
Monday, 2/8/16: Intro (including hook, claim, list of reasons, and explanation of both sides of the topic)
Tuesday, 2/9/16: Conclusion (including restated claim, addressing your audience directly, and asking the reader to action for your topic)
Wednesday, 2/10/16: Linking words/transitions, word choice
Thursday, 2/11/16: Peer Coaching in lab 501
Friday, 2/12/16: Peer Coaching in lab 501 - final piece due 2/22/16 (Monday after break)

---Begin Work on New Persuasive Essay - Choose Your Own Topic:---
Tuesday, 2/23/16: Goal Setting based on first essay results, Select choice persuasive essay topic, begin planning out reasons for choice persuasive essay
Wednesday, 2/24/16: Lesson with Mrs. Truesdell about proper use of Google as a search tool for research
Thrusday, 2/25/16: SNOW DAY!!
Friday, 2/26/16: Continue research on EasyBib
Monday, 2/29/16: Dr. Seuss Celebration
Tuesday, 3/1/16: Present R&Es for February
Wednesday, 3/2/16: Continue research on EasyBib
Thursday, 3/3/16: NWEA
Friday, 3/4/16: NWEA
Monday, 3/7/16: Boxes and Bullets Graphic Organizer
Tuesday, 3/8/16 - Friday, 3/11/16: Drafting
Monday, 3/14/16 - Tuesday, 3/15/16: Revisions for Final Draft (FINAL DRAFT DUE MONDAY, 3/21/16)