3rd Round of R&Es: BOTH 5th and 6th Graders DUE JANUARY 25th
2nd Round of R&Es: BOTH 5th and 6th Graders DUE NOVEMBER 30th
1st Round of R&Es: 6th Graders only DUE OCTOBER 27th

Log in to your Google Classroom account, and access the "Language Arts Brown/Leach" classroom. All assignment directions are posted there.

Google Classroom Login info:
Username: schoolusername@bps-schools.com
(Example Username: apz2@bps-schools.com)
Password: ChangeMeNow (then immediately change to your school password)

Overview of Response and Explorations:

A major component of Reader's Workshop is the required District At-Home reading time. This is 20 minutes 5 times a week of outside of school reading time. We require that the students record the books they are reading on their 40 Book Challenge Log in their Reader's Notebook. In addition, they are to prove they are reading by completing a "Response" to literature from the 91 Ways to Respond to Literature website.The entire R and E template should be filled out proving that they have read the book they are currently showcasing. This book should be one they have read in the current month and one that they haven't read before.It is also helpful if it is a book that will help them complete the 40 book challenge.

In addition to the reading and responding, students will be required to complete an "Exploration" as well. The intention in doing this is to encourage students to explore areas of reading in a different way and possibly develop new interests that connect to literature. Explorations are checking out anything related to literature that you find new and interesting. Here are some examples:

Hear an author speak at the library or book store
Watch a book talk on CSPAN or PBS or online
Chat with an author online
Explore genres and explain them
Visit a book store or library and …
Explore their display
Interview the person at the desk about the latest best sellers or other things
See a special presentation the store has set up
Anything that you find exciting related to literature.
The possibilities are endless...

At different opportunities, students will listen to classmate’s presentations with the intention of hearing about books they may not be familiar with. They will keep track on their Books to Read form in their Reader's Notebook and on their Books to Read wiki page.

Another Language Arts requirement is presentation skills. Students will share their responses and Exploration once a month proving they have read the book and trying to inspire a love of reading through sharing. First, with so much outside reading going on, it is important that we share all the great books each student is discovering. Response and Exploration, R and E’s as it has come to be called, is a way for all students to share their current outside reading books with the class. The hope is that through the excitement of other students, further interest will be generated to foster exploration of literature, genres, authors, writing, and other activities that your child wouldn’t come into to contact with normally.

What is an Exploration? This is any activity related to literature and reading that you wouldn't normally do. See the examples above. It should not be connected to your book.

What is a Response? This is proof you have been doing your reading. Using one of the 91 Ways to Respond to Literature is a great way to prove you have read.http://www.angelfire.com/ok/freshenglish/bookreportideas.html

Nadim's R and E