Types of bees with Jonathan, Julia, Rylie, Eleanor, and Brandon

Links to Bee Websites:

Types of Bees Website #1

Types of Bees Website #2

Types of Bees Website #3

What kids last year did:

The kids in this group last year is the found different types of bees and posted them, those are:

Gall Wasp
bald faced hornets
Cicada killer
Eastern carpenter bee
Digger wasp
faithful leafcutter bee
northern paper wasp
potter wasp

They also told types of bees like: (and linked them)





Africanized bees


What we are planning to do:

We are planning to add research about those bees on the wiki and not have to link it and give the website all the facts that we could give them, plus we are planning to add pictures of those bees and what to do if you get stung by one.

How we are planning to do this:

We are planning to do this by staying focused during class and take things step by step and work hard to get everything done.